Selasa, 26 Juni 2012

Smooth Spinners for GB and possibly ICS

This Guide is intended for rom developers/cooks to add some visual candy for they roms.
All credits are due to ihlades, and we would want to thank him for all his efforts to the Open Source community, a true example of a respected developer and we are very proud to have him here at XDA...Thanks!!, to pongster who has been sharing this since he opensourced his GBX project over at the HD2 forums, and all the great devs who help other users into becoming true modders, thanks!!
We (Hyperdroid Team) have been using this mod in three devices now (SGT, HD2 and S2), so we are confident it will work in any android based device running gingerbread (we have not tested yet on ICS).
you must have basic compiling/decompiling knowledge and already have the tools set up to it to edit xmls.
The xmls are located at framework-res.apk/res/drawable
This is the list of the xmls to edit
copy and paste replacing current code with this code into them
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<animated-rotate android:drawable="@drawable/spinner_black_20" android:pivotX="50.0%" android:pivotY="50.0%" android:frameDuration="25" android:framesCount="48"
  xmlns:android="" />

then compile back.

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